Whole Health Counseling | Finding your Red Bird
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Finding your Red Bird

13 Aug Finding your Red Bird

When all the leaves have fallen off the trees and nothing but brown sticks and mud seem to encompass the sides of the trail my running partner and I trek down, I notice the bright red bird perched amongst all the dreary brown thorn bushes. This is the metaphor that I push my clients to set as their intention of their daily life. Look for your red bird. Sometimes it is difficult to find it as it may fly quickly through the air or as a friend has said to me “ I found the red bird that ate the red bird that ate the red bird” but goodness, he found the redbird in his dreary day. If we have to go through our day amongst all the mud and thorn bushes and brown sticks, why not find the red birds and find something bright to enjoy as it is our day and our thoughts that we have to live with at the end of it. What is your red bird today? Remember it can be the smallest bright spot; someone smiled at you, you completed a project at work, you woke up on time for work, you stopped and took a deep breath and enjoyed the peace and calm of nature around you, your computer at work actually turned on… Whatever your red birds are; take time to focus on them and set your intention each day to find your red birds.


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